You Don’t Scare Me


Pointy Black hat and long grey hair

A wicked grin and evil stare

Twisted fingers neatly arrange the buttons on her wizards jacket


She drops one more ingredient into the bubbling cauldron and . . .


Cob-web white smoke rises into the night

Wolves begin to howl and bats take flight

This is the scene on All Hallows Eve….


You Don’t Scare Me


Shadows lurk around graveyard tombs

Witches ride their magic brooms

Ghosts and Goblins come out to play under the cloak of a sliver moon


Green eyed cats and hooting owls, 

werewolves on the prowl

The sound of night becomes a symphony of spirits all hoping to be heard….


You Don’t Scare Me

Jose' James Sr. -  Vocals

© Steve Yeager / Collective Vibe Music / ASCAP