Run Away


In the dark of the night, things can get kind of spooky…

in an instant


Be aware of what’s behind you

Be aware of what is coming…in the distance


Run Away

Run Away

Run away from the shadows, in the night – 


As twilight settles in upon us, the air takes on a certain this city


All the edges start to soften, like a classic 1940’s Bogart movie


It’s a bone white moon on an ebony night

Anything can happen and anything might


Be that as it may


Trust your senses and trust yourself, as you wander through the shadows…in the night


Run Away

Run Away

Run away from the shadows, Run away from the night


Run Away!


If you dare to go out this night, keep this in mind as the door closes…behind you


That every street you walk along may end up going somewhere else,

And every person that you meet could end up being someone else,


Every sound that you hear and thing that you see could end up being something else


The possibilities are endless


Take two things as you’re heading out, the first of which is courage

The second really needs no explaining if you’ve listened to these words 


Run Away

Run Away

Christine Rosholt - Vocals


© Steve Yeager / Collective Vibe Music / ASCAP